All Across Africa creates market-driven employment opportunities through weaving baskets to improve and empower the lives of rural and poor people across Africa.  Baskets carry symbolism in Rwanda and Uganda.  For weavers, baskets represent status as weaving has made many of the artisans valued people in their society, bringing regular income into their homes.   Each of their baskets are made by hand using all natural fibers and organic dyes.

Weaving cooperatives act as support networks and places to exchange knowledge and build relationships. Weavers heal through the collective effort of working toward the same purpose and goal: to create beauty with their own hands. In the end, hearts and lives weave together in new ways that strengthen the bonds between individuals, allowing them to move forward on common ground.

All Across Africa is leading a new way of helping rural families achieve their full potential. Instead of giving handouts, they invest in artisans to generate a permanent gain in family income. By providing artisans with a "market bundle" that includes education, finance, materials, training and market access, they present a poverty-reducing solution that is sustainable and helps restore dignity. While financial aid has many benefits, they believe that business creates jobs that people are proud of, and creates a true partnership between market and producer.