Artisan Designs And Their Beautiful Traditions
For a special edition of Conscious World, we want to introduce you to the beauty of International arts and culture revealed through fabrics, stitching, patterns, textiles, colors, and more with help from American Nomadread the story >

EVERYDAY STYLE Soko designs on Good Cloth ($55) Made in the USA, vegan, eco-friendly, trade not aid, recycled, organic or just high-quality design. FOR YOUR BEST PUP-FRIEND... read the guide >


AMERICAN NOMAD: Fair-Trade Shopping from a Style Explorer
AMERICAN NOMAD, which launched in late 2014, was a long time coming. The seed was planted while Michelle was in college, where she “began to volunteer with organizations that do inspiring work to empower individuals through their cultures.” As she continued volunteering, she explored her understanding of compassion and connection to others.
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Getting Personal:  How to Build a Solid Business Network
We’ve all heard the saying: “It isn’t personal, it’s just business.” I tend to disagree. In my 16 years working as a graphics professional, it was something I’d heard many times and never quite understood. And now, as a fledgling business owner, I’ve quickly learned just how personal business can be.
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9 Home/Office Gifts That Give Back
It’s generally a good sign when a retailer lists both a mission as well as core values on its site, and Savannah’s AMERICAN NOMAD does just that. By working with artisans and cooperatives around the world, AMERICAN NOMAD provides financial independence to makers and designers and draws...
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Everything You Need For Fall
While the rest of the country blankets in a leafy crimson and dusky gold, the colors of fall in Santa Barbara get their inspiration from deep jewel tones. Like a cache revealing hefty gemstones and 35-carat rocks, the colors of November have us falling over ourselves with lists of local must-haves. (pgs 63 - 75)
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We all live busy lives and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy full days. But sometimes days at home are my favorite. No hustle and bustle, just snuggles and cuddles, nursing and train building, book reading and baking. Life with a Mama and her toddler.
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It’s no surprise, like most girls, I love to shop...Yet there’s one thing that I love more than shopping with purpose and that’s meeting the world changers behind the brands that are making freedom and dignity happen. One of these such world changers is Michelle, founder of American Nomad.
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On Not Letting Christmas Consumerism Spoil the Joy of Gift Giving
There are certainly a lot of ugly elements within the Christmas season, mixed in with the beautiful- the greatest of which is needless consumerism. There tends to be a frantic, subliminal message of “buy, buy, buy” running through the get-togethers, the decorating, the family pressure.  The average American plans to spend ...
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Gift For All The Ladies on Your List With AMERICAN NOMAD
With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time for an onslaught of gift guides! While many gift guides out there in blog-land are focused around unethically made and unfairly priced goods, I've really been enjoying reading gift guide posts featuring fair trade and ethically made items by other members of the ...
Summer Traveling Style with AMERICAN NOMAD
It's sweet summertime and you know what that means: camping, roadtrips, and adventures galore! Andrew and I are heading out of town in a few days to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, and I'm teaming up with ethical brand American Nomad to bring you a few ideas on how to source all your traveling needs ethically!
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The weird thing about blogging is that I feel obligated to tell you that my mother-in-law just left town after staying a week at our house. Her side of the family is rooted in Baltimore, so we spent the last two weekends road tripping up for surprise parties and backyard BBQs, getting hugs from people we'd never met, and eating more than we normally would ...
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