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Babek Slipper Socks

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Our partner's vision is to provide fairly paid, flexible employment for women in rural parts of Azerbaijan, through a craft that has continued for generations, and to provide a cozy, handmade, unique, quality product to sell outside of Azerbaijan.  Each pair is knitted by hand allowing the women artists to work from home and earn income for their families while preserving the rich knitting traditions of the Azerbaijani culture. They are a combination of high quality yarn, hours of labor, and modernized versions of traditional designs and bright colors.
With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.
Azerbaijan has a rich and varied textile history with a particular emphasis on weave, knit, and embroidery. Many richly decorated fabrics were produced in the past using silk, gold and silver threads, which were worked onto a relatively thick background fabric, which often included various rich velvets. Local pearls and beads were also added to these richly decorated pieces of handwork to add to the emphasis of richness and depth. Color was another form used to emphasize the richness of the work with colors of both threads and backgrounds often being dazzlingly heightened, all adding to the overall display effect.

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fits US sizes 6-9


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