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Bordeaux Tag Handbag

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Handmade in Cambodia with the mission to end the discrimination of women. Through dignified work, training, and free day-care to all of the artisan's children they empower Cambodian women while utilizing eco-friendly materials.
Handmade from recycled fish netting that would otherwise end up littering the Cambodian waterways. With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.
In pre-colonial Cambodia, art and crafts were generally produced by rural non-specialists for practical use or by skilled artists producing works for the Royal Palace. In modern Cambodia, many artistic traditions entered a period of decline or even ceased to be practiced, during the Khmer rule. Recently the country has experienced an artistic revival as the tourist market has increased and governments and NGOs have contributed to the preservation of Cambodian culture.

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Details + Dimensions

34" x 34"

recycled fish netting
fully lined
hook and snap closure

inner zip pocket
two inner pockets
inner lanyard hook

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