Casablanca Leather Pouf

$ 169.00

Handmade in Morocco by a cooperative of Berber artisans in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains are provided a global platform to present their wares to an international market and build a strong communal economy. Our partner provides a global platform that enables them to present their wares to an international market and build a strong communal economy. 
With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.
Berber weaving is highly dependent on the female culture in Morocco and is passed down traditionally within the home. The young apprentice is expected to learn the the different looping techniques, patterns, color ranges and motifs. Berber weavers of the past recorded the myths and legends of their ancestors through archaic symbolism, incorporated with grace and precision into their textiles. These woven works of art are a doorway to the past, dating from the Upper-Paleolithic era.


Details + Dimensions

21" x 13"

goat leather

* PLEASE NOTE: the pouf may show minor flaws and imperfections, which we believe adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the product, confirming its handmade nature.

* Poufs are shipped unstuffed. Stuffing can be purchased through several online stores such as Amazon, or at any fabric store. Each pouf typically uses about 3-4 pounds of stuffing.

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