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Cotton Ikat Scarf

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Handmade in Cambodia by  32 fair trade member organizations to aid over 4,000 Cambodian artisans that have been disadvantaged or disabled by poverty, illness, human trafficking, and landmine accidents. Our partner  addresses the needs of its artisans with a holistic approach that merges business education,  marketing development, design and craft training, and sales assistance.
With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.
Weaving has been part of Cambodia's culture for centuries. Woven silk garments were one of Cambodia’s main exports until the political and civil war of the Khmer Rouge in the 1960's. As part of the Khmer's cultural crackdown, they destroyed a majority of Cambodia's mulberry trees where the silk worm lives. Today through the support of many NGO's the mulberry tree is being replanted and Cambodians are encouraged to weave again and preserve their rich weaving tradition.

Details + Dimensions

63" x 19"

handloomed cotton
3" fringe

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