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Elm Tote

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Handmade in the western deserts of India by artisans and their families that lost their jobs when a majority of trade jobs shifted to China. Each family is paid above fair wages and offered flexible work hours so they can care for their families, attend university, or train in additional skills. All bags are naturally tanned in the sunlight and oiled with vegetable oils which means no toxic tanning chemicals!

Details + Dimensions

15.5" x 12" x 4"


two inner zip pockets
zip closure

fully lined

Meet the Maker

Advocating for slow fashion and the battle against consumerism in the fashion industry, our partner encourages consumers to slow down and make more conscious consumption decisions by asking who and how each product is made. They work with two brothers in India and share responsibility such as sourcing materials, distributing the work between the communities, paying tailors and managing orders.

Additionally, they work with 60 families (thirty women and fifty seven men) producing their one-of-a-kind bags. Many of the tailors are ex-shoe makers that lost their jobs in the trade shift to China. All tailors are paid a fair commission, with living wage realistically achievable within normal working hours. All tailors work from home and have complete working flexibility. Flexible work is great for our tailors as it means they can work around other commitments such as university and parenting. Workers set their own deadlines for what they can produce, meaning no pressure is put on them to meet deadlines.