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Harriet Embroidered Cushion

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Handmade in India, this throw reflects our partner's mission to feature beauty and support hand-work worldwide. They are dedicated to engaging ideas and cultures, building bridges and doing business while preserving tradition and culture in the different corners of the world.
With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.
Embroidery is an expression of self, rendered with patience and dedicated hard work, it is an art rightly described as "painting by needle". Indian embroidery takes its inspiration from nature and religion. The colors, the base the theme and the style are reflective of a particular region. The patterns are decided upon on the basis of the fabric and its texture, the stitches depend upon the style and the effect to be produced. Themes and motifs have remained as such for centuries.

Details + Description

18" x 18"

zipper closure

does not include insert

What is #planetpeoplepreservation?

At AMERICAN NOMAD we pledge that each item we curate will always:

  protect our planet
  be a patron for people and
  preserve art forms and cultures

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