Cactus Flower Welcome Basket

$ 48.00

Craftswomen in Rwanda use timeless tradition to weave carefully dyed raffia fibers and grass to make stunning one of a kind pieces rich in cultural meaning and purpose.  They are perfect to be used as a bread serving bowl, display of fresh fruit or vegetables, or hung on the wall in a well crafted collage or set. Baskets carry their own symbolism in Rwanda because friends give them to celebrate major life events such as weddings, births and graduations, baskets are proudly displayed as symbols of wealth of friends, family and life.

Meaning of the Welcome Design

This basket pattern symbolizes welcome customs. In Rwanda and Uganda, people meeting for the first time shake right hands and place their left hand under the opposing right forearm to show respect.nbsp;Some people even kiss the air next to each cheek while shaking hands.nbsp;Rwandans and Ugandans value hospitality and graciousness, as evident in their social customs.nsbp;This basket is a wonderful addition to any home, welcoming all who visit.

Details + Dimensions

3” tall
10” wide

all natural fibers of raffia and grass
organic dyes

basket has a hang loop on the back for wall décor
safe to use with food

Meet the Maker

Our partners reaches deep into rural villages in the developing world and provides jobs that restore dignity and promote self sufficiency - they see it as the way forward for sustainable development in Africa. It's the best of business practices through market development, training, and teaching to producers in Africa; most important, they connect these producers to developed external markets.


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