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Snow Drop Baubles | Set of 6

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These beautiful decorations comes in two finishes, clear crackled and rustic distressed glass, and in an assortment of styles including round, oval and tear drop. Each one helps to promote and develop the traditional skills of the artisans who have astounding craftsman ability, but challenging living standard and restricted opportunities. Made from recycled glass that requires 30% less energy to melt when compared with raw material. Using less energy means less fuel is burnt and less emissions.  Set of 6.

Details + Dimensions

1.5" diameter

recycled glass
recycled sari fabric

Meet the Maker

The foundation of our home goods partner is socially responsible and built on the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity.  Their name was borrowed from a village in Zambia where we the founders saw it whitewashed on a hut.  They aim to promote and develop the traditional skills of artisans, who have astounding skills but challenging living standards and restricted opportunities, bringing their work to new markets through wholesale and retail channels.  They believe in open dialogue with their artitans in a safe, positive, fun and enjoyable environment.  Co-op profits are invested in charities such as KIDS Company and The Village of Hopes and Dreams and Manacare.

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